Guitars as well basses are instruments made of wood and therefore tend to modify their structure. This is caused by string tension, ambient humidity and other factors.
These structural changes cause imbalances in the instrument. Intonation and comfort are affected, therefore it is important to conduct a review at least every 6 months (summer and winter)
This can be solved by a small service, which consists of strings removal, polishing of frets (not leveled), fingerboard hydration, new strings, truss rod adjustment, calibrating the action and setting intontaion.


String instruments are especially delicate, so they should be treated with care.
Accidents can easily happen and end in neck breaks, bumps, mismatches, etc.
In my workshop I perform all kinds of repairs (headstock breakage, bumps, replacement of frets, varnish, electronic arrangements, etc ..)


If yo are looking for a new design for your instrument or want to get a different tone or configuration, I can make all kinds of modifications.
I perform airbrushing, pyrography, modification of the instrument shape, changing pickups, routing cavities of the pickups, reduce weight or anything you want to modify.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact me.