Welcome to Black Mamba Guitars!

If you are looking for a special guitar, this is your place.

Our goal is to build a guitar that perfectly fits your demands. That’s why we don’t have standard models. I take care of all the details that you want to portray in your guitar, so it can have its own story, uniqueness and you would feel it as a part of your soul.

All the woods are carefully selected, using only those that fits perfect for the guitar building. The woods that I normally use are ash, maple, mahogany or alder for the body, flamed maple, maple or olive for the tops, maple for the neck and ebony, rosewood or Ipe for the fretboard. In any case, I can use another type of wood that is allowed or suitable for making guitars.

I have knowledge of airbrushing  and pyrography, being an option if you want a guitar out of the ordinary.

All the guitars are completely handmade, without using cnc. The reason is that, if I build a special guitar, it has to be build with the pleasure of working the wood with my hands. It is the way in which I feel most comfortable and pleased, building the guitar with love and  trying to convey all the feelings to the guitar.

In Black Mamba Guitars I can build the guitar of your dreams. You just have to contact me if you want your dream to become a reality.