Dear client, you have chosen a product made of wood, so you have to consider that each piece of wood has a different texture, colour, tone. Therefore each product is unique.

Wood is a natural product. That means it is “alive”.It changes depends on humidity and temperature. The wood will contract or expand depending of this humidity/temperature factor. It’s really important that any product made of wood has a proper indoor climate.
The recommended indoor climate for musical instruments requires a relative air humidity of 45-55% and a temperature of 18-23º. If these parameters are constant the wood won’t change or deform , leaving a moisture of the wood at approximately 7-11%. The wood used in the product has been dried before the manufacture to this moisture.

When the air is dry, <45%, the wood will contract (moisture declines and the wood gets thinner and smaller). When the air is humid >55%, the wood will expand (moisture grows and the wood gets larger).